A number of US military leaders quarantined due to COVID-19

A number of senior US military personnel have quarantined after COVID-19 was discovered by the Deputy Commander of the Coast Guard, Charles Ray, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said.

“We are aware that Deputy Commander Ray has tested positive for coronavirus. And that he was at the Pentagon last week at meetings with other high-ranking military leaders … As a precaution, all potentially close contacts with him at these meetings are in voluntary quarantine and were tested this morning, “- said in his statement released by the department.

According to CNN, among them is the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milli.

Hoffman assured that none of those in contact with Ray at the Pentagon show symptoms of coronavirus infection and that all high-ranking military leaders are able to carry out their duties.

Last week, US President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.