A nurse saved the lives of three newborns in an explosion in Beirut

Photojournalist Bilal Yavich was at home on the outskirts of Beirut when an explosion occurred in the Lebanese capital that killed at least 100 people and injured thousands more.

“Professional intuition” took the man to the Al-Rum hospital in the Ashrafiya district, which was destroyed by the explosion. What he saw there was incredible. “I was amazed when I noticed a nurse holding three newborns in her arms. I drew attention to her calmness, so contrasted with the situation around. “

According to Yavich, there were several killed and wounded nearby. “However, the nurse looked like she had latent power that gave her composure and the ability to save these children. People can show their best side in such dire circumstances. “

Yavich added that later in the evening he learned from the heroic nurse the details of what had happened. The woman said that she was in the maternity ward when the explosion occurred. According to her, at that moment she was not even aware of what was happening – and when she came to, she was already holding three babies in her arms. Not everyone in this hospital was lucky enough to survive. Managing director George Saad told CNN that 12 patients, 2 visitors and 4 nurses have died in the incident, with 2 in critical condition. About 80% of the hospital and 50% of its equipment were damaged. Infants and mothers were transferred to other health facilities.