A persistent customer broke into Walmart when they refused to let him in without a mask

11 months ago

In a viral video, a Walmart employee in Orlando, Florida does not allow a buyer to go inside because he does not have a mask – but the man decides to break inside with a fight. It seems that he really needed those avocados.

The video, which has already been watched 10.5 million times, was shot on Saturday, the same day that wearing masks became mandatory in Orange County. On the record, a store employee standing at the entrance throws her arms out to the sides and blocks the elderly man’s path. He again tries to pass, but the employee does not think to concede. “Friend, you should be masked,” someone behind the scenes notes after that.


In response, the man begins to push the worker again and again: at some point, he even falls to the ground, but then he rises and continues to try. In the end, the buyer even manages to get inside, but the Walmart employee again gets in his way. “Give you a mask, man? – one of the eyewitnesses turns to the man – I have an extra! ” The recording ends when the employee stops the persistent client in one of the aisles, and the voice-over advises him to “just put on a mask”. In recent weeks, a surge in the incidence of coronavirus has been recorded in Florida. To date, the number of known cases of COVID-19 in the state exceeds 100 thousand – of which at least 3.173 have become fatal.

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