A policeman rushed into the water to save twin babies from a car

11 months ago

After hearing from the radio about the suicide, whose car was tracked on the edge of the cliff near Cornish Drive, Officer Jonathan Wiese immediately went there

The car flew down from the edge of the cliff into the ocean right in front of the policeman in front of his eyes, but Wiese did not lose a second – and went down the 30-foot cliff.

“My heart literally froze,” the man recalls. The tragedy almost happened on Saturday morning at Sunset Cliffs in the southern part of the city. The wife of the failed suicide called the police, saying that her husband had taken their daughters and plans to drop off the San Diego-Coronado bridge. The police tracked the man’s mobile phone to Sunset Cliffs – and then Wise, who himself is the father of two children, entered into the matter.

Jonathan says that in a critical situation he was helped by “father’s instincts.” At first, Wise wanted to jump off the edge, but it was dark, and the cliff was rocky. Then he remembered the 100-foot dog leash used by the special forces. The K-9 officer took off his belt with a weapon and a vest, wrapped a leash around his chest, and gave the other end to his colleagues in time. The officers helped him down about 30 feet, then Wiese jumped into the water and swam to his family. The man was in the water with the girls in his arms. One of the little ones was crying, holding on to the man’s neck; the other looked “lifeless,” Wiese says.

Fortunately, his timely intervention saved the lives of all three: Jonathan managed to pull his father and girls ashore, after which they were promptly taken to the hospital. Now the children are recovering, and Wiese calls the incident a reminder that the officers always “try to do the right thing.” “We’re not going to the police for fame or salary,” he says.

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