A popular drug saved patients from coronavirus

11 months ago

Scientists have come to the conclusion that an inexpensive and popular drug that is used to treat the symptoms of an upset stomach can be effective in combating COVID-19, provided the patient does not require hospitalization and intensive care. The article is published in the Gut magazine.

The study involved 10 patients with coronavirus infection, while all of them took famotidine during the disease. According to a four-point system, doctors evaluated the severity of the five main symptoms of the disease, including cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, and loss of taste and smell. Symptoms lasted from 2 to 26 days. The average treatment period was 11 days, but ranged from 5 to 21 days.

All ten patients reported that their well-being improved within 24-48 hours after the start of famotidine, and a complete relief of symptoms occurred after 14 days. Most often, they used a dose of 80 milligrams three times a day.

According to scientists, the available data are not enough to confirm the effect of taking famotidine. Therefore, clinical trials involving more people are necessary.

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