A pregnant woman and her boyfriend were shot and killed in their home on Staten Island

11 months ago

A pregnant woman and her boyfriend received fatal gunshot wounds at their home in Staten Island on Monday. They are believed to have been shot by a previously convicted man during a home robbery. This was reported by the New York Post, citing law enforcement agencies.

Suspect, 45-year-old Philip Moreno, allegedly broke into a house in Arlington around 5:00 p.m. and shot the victims in the living room. Ana Desuza, 33, who was pregnant, and her 46-year-old partner Alafia Rodriguez were found dead on the floor by police. Police quickly found Moreno nearby, with a gun on him. According to the police, a third victim, an unknown 43-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the back, was found in the living room. She was taken to Richmond University Medical Center, where she was in critical condition on Monday night. Authorities found an unharmed two-year-old girl, the daughter of a murdered couple, in the house. The baby was taken to the same hospital for examination.

Moreno was arrested in July 1992 for the murder of Theodis Watson in Staten Island. A year later he was charged with manslaughter and imprisoned at Sing Sing prison in northern New York State. Moreno was conditionally released in 2007. At a Monday night press briefing, New York Assistant Chief of Police Kenneth Corey said Moreno had several other gun-related convictions. Corey also told reporters that drugs (cocaine) and a gun silencer were found at the scene.

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