A protester from Ohio died 2 days after being exposed to tear gas

11 months ago

A 22-year-old woman from Ohio passed away two days after police used tear gas during protests in Columbus caused by the death of George Floyd. It is reported by the New York Post.

Sarah Grossman of Centerville attended a demonstration in Columbus on May 28, during which, as her father told Dayton Daily News, she was “exposed to tear gas,” which the police “used to control the crowd.” On May 30, at about 10:00 p.m., relatives found Grossman lying unconscious.

She was taken to Sycamore Hospital, where doctors confirmed her heart failure. The exact cause of the death of the young woman is not disclosed by the investigation. The ambulance nurse reported her suspicion that Grossman’s cardiac arrest could have been caused by an overdose. However, toxicological screening to detect the presence of drugs in the body was not performed.

The family of the deceased denies Sarah any history of substance abuse. No injuries were found on Grossman’s body, and the only disease mentioned in her medical records was a peanut allergy.

“The police used the gas to disperse the crowd that night. We have not received a formal complaint. Montgomery County investigators and Columbus police did not contact us, ”said spokeswoman for the city’s authorities, Robin Davis. Sister Grossman reported on social networks that Sarah may have died of a respiratory illness caused by tear gas exposure.

Her message was later edited, and the mention of tear gas was removed from it. According to Sarah Grossman, an obituary, this year she graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Environment, Economics and Development.

“It is impossible to find words to describe her kindness, unique spirit and unwavering devotion to her convictions,” her family wrote. “Sarah was an ardent, but compassionate advocate of ecology and social justice.” Grossman spent the last 2 years in Guatemala exploring the country’s logging industry. According to her relatives, she “planned to continue her work by promoting positive environmental, climate and land-use policies, and helping migrant workers and indigenous communities.”

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