A resident of Florida with a machete tattoo on his face attacked another man with a machete

10 months ago

Apparently, for some of us, everything is written on the face

A Florida resident with a machete tattoo on his face was arrested after allegedly attacking a man with a … machete. The victim, a man whose name was not disclosed, said the incident occurred on Monday around 2:30 p.m. when Justin Couch, 25, started arguing with him “for no reason” and drove him out of his house in Territown.

The victim asked if he could first pick up his wallet and phone, after which Kush suddenly attacked him with a machete in his hand. According to the victim, at first he “struck the arm and leg” with the flat side of the blade, and then tried to cut the man’s face – however, the victim closed himself from the blow and he fell on his forearm. After that, the victim lost consciousness from pain. The man was taken to the hospital. At the moment, he is not able to move his left hand. Couch was arrested on Tuesday. He is charged with severe physical injuries.

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