A robotic arm was invented for lonely Japanese

Scientists at the Japanese University in the city of Gifu have invented a robotic arm for single people.

This is reported by the Futurism edition.

The invention was named “My girlfriend for a walk and it can be used by those who lack female warmth.” According to the publication, the device is attached to the forearm so that it does not fall if the person lets go of the hand.

The device, experts say, is incredibly responsive. For example, if you bring your fingers up, the robotic arm will immediately answer and grab them. Scientists also claim that their apparatus is as close as possible to the human palm. If you hold it for a long time, then the skin on the robotic arm starts to “sweat”. In addition, the device is equipped with a fragrance that smells like a woman’s shampoo and a small speaker that simulates the sound of footsteps.

According to scientists, with a robotic arm, lonely people will be able to spend more time in the fresh air.