A Russian was fired in the U.S. over a post about storming the Capitol

A Russian was fired in the U.S. over a post about storming the Capitol

Andrei Illarionov, a senior fellow at the U.S. Cato Institute, who served as an adviser to the Russian president, no longer works at the research organization.

“As the vice president of the Institute informed me, the reason [for the dismissal] is the content of the postscripts attached to my post ‘Setting the Reichstag on Fire – 2021’ on this blog,” Illarionov explained.

He also said that when he joined the institute, he was regularly asked about the organization’s position on one topic or another. But the management of the Institute always responded in the same way: “The Institute has no position other than that of defending individual freedom. On any issues there is not a position of the institute, there are different positions of the employees of the institute, which they have every right to express,” he added.

Now, according to Illarionov, this approach has changed. “As I have said many times before, freedom of speech is the foundation, the starting point, of a free society,” he concluded.

On January 14, it was reported that the Cato Institute suspected Illarionov of spreading conspiracy theories about the U.S. presidential election and the storming of the Capitol. In particular, the blog entry on his blog that the Capitol assault was a trap set by the police drew the institute’s attention. Illarionov also accused members of the Black Lives Matter (BLM, Black Lives Matter) movement of provoking President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The storming of the Capitol building in the U.S. took place on January 6 during a rally of supporters of the current head of state who did not recognize the results of the November vote, which resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. The rallies led to clashes with police. Five people were killed and dozens were detained.

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