A site called “Loser” redirects users to the page of Donald Trump

Loser website began redirecting users to the page of Donald Trump on Wikipedia after he refused to admit defeat in the election, – reports The Independent.

The spectacular move did not go unnoticed by users of social networks, among them-star wars star Mark Hamill, known for his criticism of the President. Guess what happens when you click, ” he tweeted, sharing a link to the site. Since then, the post has collected more than 95 thousand likes.

According to the Daily Beast, the domain name Loser registered to Brian Connelly in 1995. In 2015, Connelly gave an interview, saying that he repeatedly redirected site visitors to the pages of a variety of people: including rapper Kanye West and presidential candidate Al Gore. During Barack Obama’s presidential campaign Loser.com he suggested that visitors go to the page of the ex-President — but at that time, Connelly explained, he had good intentions.

“I did not oppose the election of Obama! “I just wanted to encourage people to vote,” he said. According to the man, he has never monetized the website and does not plan to do so, using the domain only for”entertainment”.

On average Loser.com about 30 thousand people visit a day, but every time Brian redirects users to the page of a particular politician, the number of views jumps sharply. Earlier, Joe Biden called Trump’s refusal to admit defeat in the election a ” disgrace, “noting that it would be bad for his” legacy ” as President.

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