A tanker truck drove into a crowd of protesters in Minneapolis

11 months ago

A tanker truck drove into a crowd of thousands of protesters in Minneapolis, local authorities said.

As a result of the “disturbing” incident, no one was hurt. The driver was arrested. Demonstrations about the death of George Floyd continue not only in the city, but throughout the country, and a truck drove into the thick of the demonstrators on the 6th day.

On the I-35 motorway in Minneapolis, local-channel reporters broadcast live when people began to scatter from the trailer that was rushing onto them. He drove through the crowd, and then stopped on the highway – fortunately, all the people managed to get out of his way. The demonstrators pulled the driver out of the cab and twisted, started to beat, and caused several injuries. The police detained him and took him away. Reasons for entering the crowd are being established.

Authorities later called on demonstrators to clear the bridge, warning that police could use tear gas to disperse those gathered if they did not go home before curfews were imposed.

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