A teenager in the United States showed a strikingly complex trick with the domino principle: video

11 months ago

An American teenager spent two months creating his Swish Machine. His video has collected up to a million views
16-year-old Cree Ossner from American New Jersey won the GoPro Awards, building perhaps the longest-ever, 70-speed, Goldberg car.

An American teenager spent two months creating his Swish Machine. The video of her work was shot by the GoPro MAX camera at a time, without editing or correction.

Ossner from the fifth grade collects Goldberg cars. In a commentary to PIX11 News, he shared how he made the longest and most intricate design possible.

“The first step I take is a huge mess. In order for ideas to appear, I need to see all my things. Then I play with each thing and determine what kind of feature it has,” the young man said.

“I collected all the things that I found in the garage, the barn, around the house. I even took some things that my neighbors threw away,” he continued.

Ossner said that before everything worked as it should, he started the car more than 100 times: “That day I ended up making the car work. The last two steps failed three times, which means I had to spend almost an hour to reboot the entire machine. “

The guy believes that he can surpass himself, and his friends think that he can have a great future in technology, the newspaper notes.

Reference. A Goldberg machine is a device that performs a very simple action in a complex way. This is usually a long sequence of interactions based on the domino principle. These cars got their name from the names of the American cartoonist and inventor Rub Goldberg and the English artist William Robinson, who used images of such cars in their works.

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