11 months ago

A terrible fire in the north of Armenia: the bodies of two women were found in a burnt house

11 months ago

A large fire broke out in one of the houses of the village of Lusahbyur, Shirak region of Armenia. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country.

On May 19, the National Crisis Management Center received a message that at 00:44 a fire broke out in one of the houses in the village of Lusakhbyur, Shirak region of Armenia.

The fire was localized at 02:15, put out at 06:08. A house of 240 square meters burned to the ground. A VAZ brand car parked next door to the house was completely burnt, and a KamAZ brand car was partially burnt. The windows of two neighboring houses are damaged.

Rescuers found the bodies of 92-year-old Seda M. and 57-year-old Knarik M. in the house.

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