A unique ancient artifact found in China

The clay figurine discovered in China is an amazing find for many reasons. Firstly, it is, presumably, more than 3 thousand years old, and secondly, it looks like two peas in a pod like a pig from Angry Birds.

Archaeologists stumbled upon a fist-sized figurine in ancient ruins on the territory of what is now Guanghan in Sichuan province – during large-scale excavations. According to experts, earlier there could be a village on the border of Sansingdui. Experts hope that further analysis of the artifact will help to understand “what life was like in the vicinity of the ancient capital of the Shu kingdom.” They also point out that the figurine’s appearance indicates a highly developed understanding of aesthetics in that era. Ever since a snapshot of the oddly ornamented artifact was posted online, users have been relentlessly discussing its resemblance to a popular video game character. “Tell the pig from Angry Birds,” joked one of the commenters, “that it violated copyright.”