A unique flight to nowhere where you can meet your love

Taiwanese airline EVA Air has invented original flights for single travelers who want to find their other half.

According to CNN, customers can buy tickets “to nowhere” and enjoy the flight in speed dating format.

The flight will take place from Taipei airport. After that, within three hours, the plane will circled over Taiwan airspace and land at the point of departure. During the time spent on board, singles will be hooked up with those who will fall to them by random selection.

“Fly! Love is hovering in the air”, – says the slogan of the event, where EVA flight attendants are given the role of “cupids”.

Passengers will also have the opportunity to make promises on the ground. Within two hours, customers will have a chance to talk to a large number of potential partners.

“Because of COVID-19, EVA Air organizes “artificial travel” to satisfy people’s desire. When single men and women travel, in addition to the pleasure of the trip, they may want to meet someone – as in a romantic film,” commented the representative of the company on quick dating You and Me, with which EVA Air collaborated to organize the event.

By now three such flights are already planned: for Christmas holidays, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve. Program participants must have higher education and Taiwanese citizenship. The age limit for participation in the program: for women – 24-35 years old, for men – 28-38. A total of 40 flight tickets is available: 20 for both genders.

Flying “nowhere” for clients will cost approximately 300 U.S. dollars. The price includes candlelight dinner from an experienced chef. On-site dating also varies from breakfast to afternoon. After a snack together, passengers tell us who they liked most. Remarkably, tickets for the first flight are already sold out.