A video in which a tourist takes a selfie with a bear coming close to her goes viral

When a few tourists decided to get closer to nature by going to Chipink Park (Mexico), they hardly expected it to happen so literally – and have to deal with a curious black bear

The footage from the scene shows how the animal approaches a group of three tourists, stands on its hind legs and bends over to one of the women to sniff it. Eyewitnesses try to distract the bear, but he is too keen on the find to pay attention to anyone else. By the way, the travelers should be praised for their endurance and resourcefulness: they not only did not panic, but also managed to take a selfie with the bear before it moved away.


The video posted on Twitter immediately went viral. Numerous commentators admired the women’s resilience, and journalist Yashar Ali noted that they acted not only bravely, but perfectly well. “If the black bear is so close to you,” Ali explains, “it’s too late to try to scare him away. The exception is when he attacks himself. ” “Keep calm, don’t run. If the bear attacks you, pretend to be dead. “