A visitor to a cafe in the U.S. shot a chef for asking him to wear a mask

11 months ago

In the American state of Colorado, a cafe visitor shot at a chef in response to repeated requests to wear a mask. This was reported by KDVR TV on May 19.

The incident took place in the city of Aurora in one of the Waffle House establishments. A 27-year-old young man named Calvin Watson arrived at the facility without a mask after midnight on May 14. The café worked only skillfully, explains “Moscow 24”. The waitress asked the visitor to wear a mask, otherwise she would not be able to serve him. Then the man left, but soon returned with the mask, but did not put it on. The man was reminded that according to the rules can not accept his order. Then he put a gun on the counter and told the cook he was ready to “blow his brains out”. Then nothing happened, but Watson came back to the cafe the next night.

The same cook as the night before refused to serve an inadequate client. According to the police report, the man hit the cook in the face in response, and when he tried to flee, he shot him. The cook, who had been shot in the stomach, reached the house from where he called 911.

The victim was hospitalized and his wound was mild, so he was released home the next day for treatment.

Police arrested the assailant May 18 on charges of attempted murder, reports TV 360. The city of Aurora and the district health ministry are not obligated, RIA Novosti reported, but recommend wearing masks in public places. The U.S. ranks first in the number of cases of coronavirus: according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 1.5 million infected in the country, 92 thousand people died.

On May 18 in Anapa, an exuberant woman kept masked residents out of the driveway, cursed with her mother and ignored crying children. People were able to get home only through a fire escape.

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