A warehouse with Xiaomi smartphones burned down in China

6 days ago

Xiaomi smartphones burned as a result of a fire at a warehouse in China.

The explosion and fire occurred at a warehouse of Hunan Nantang Warehousing and Logistics Company in Changsha province. According to eyewitnesses, the incident resulted in a large fire, and a large cloud of smoke and ash was observed above the scene. It is reported that the warehouse was storing consumer electronics from various manufacturers, including a batch of Xiaomi smartphones.

A warehouse with Xiaomi smartphones burned down in China

According to journalists, an unknown number of Xiaomi devices were affected, prepared as part of Action 618, which is currently taking place in China. Corporation CEO Wang Hua responded to the incident, saying that the burned warehouse did not belong to Xiaomi, but it did store a certain number of the brand’s smartphones.

Wang Hua stressed that all goods are insured. Also, the representative of the company noted that the fire will not affect any current orders of users, because the burned devices were in storage. Wang Hua also expressed the hope that no warehouse employees or special services representatives were injured as a result of the fire.

In the summer of 2020, the Chinese media reported an accident on a highway about 300 kilometers from Shanghai that overturned a truck carrying a batch of iPhones. The vehicle burned down – about 20,000 smartphones were destroyed in the fire.