A woman from Florida stumbled upon a rotting head during a morning run

For a resident of St. Petersburg (Florida), the morning run ended in a real shock: the woman following the usual route found a decaying human head on the side of the road

The runner called 911 at around 7:00 on Tuesday July 7th. According to the Tampa Bay Times, she found her head in the grass at 38th Avenue S. According to police, her head was too decomposed to be able to determine the race or gender of the deceased.

The officers also noted that local residents, probably, by this moment had already passed by a terrible find more than once – not realizing what was in front of them and thinking that “the animal was just lying in the grass”. According to the representative of the police department, Yolanda Fernandez, at the moment, detectives are searching the neighborhood for other remains or possible clues. It is not known how long the head was on the sidelines. The runner claims that on Sunday the remains were not yet at the place where she found them on Tuesday.