A woman in Scotland gave birth to her sister

A woman in Scotland gave birth to her sister

The girl will be told the whole truth when she grows up.
A real miracle happened in Scotland. There, a 25-year-old young woman carried and gave birth to a baby for her 49-year-old mother.

How did it happen? Her own mother and stepfather asked daughter Holly Simmers to become a surrogate mother for their common child.

Holly not only became a surrogate mother, but she also donated an egg because her mother’s egg, which was removed in 2014, was not viable.

The girl carried a healthy baby and delivered it back in October. She had to spend 41 hours in the delivery room before the baby, named Willow, was born. Thus it turns out that the girl gave birth to her own sister.

According to the girl, she does not consider herself the mother of the baby because she got pregnant artificially using her stepfather’s material.
Little Willow is promised everything when she grows up. And the 49-year-old mother is insanely grateful to her daughter for such happiness.

This is not the first such situation involving an unusual birth. The woman had previously gone to doctors because of abdominal pain, but she had no idea what caused it.

Medics told Daniela Adams and her 36-year-old partner Stuart Moore they could never have children, but the woman gave birth four hours after discovering she was pregnant.

Daniela went to doctors complaining of abdominal pain. The British woman thought constipation, appendicitis or kidney stones could be the cause of the ailment. However, an ultrasound scan showed she was nine months pregnant. The woman was then transferred to another hospital.