A woman who survived a near-death experience told how suicides are punished in hell

In 2014, an unpleasant incident happened to Katrina: she was raped. The woman was never able to cope with emotional distress, so she decided to commit suicide.

Life in an instant turned into hell, so the woman could not think of anything better than to go to the outskirts of the city and drink there all the pills for back pain prescribed by the doctor.

The woman felt her body grow colder with every minute, her breathing slows down, pain grows inside. She knew that she would soon die.

The heroine of the story was frightened: she began to turn to Jesus. The soul escaped from the body, it found itself in continuous darkness, where someone cut the thread connecting it with the physical body. The woman realized that she could no longer go back.

After a long enough period of time, a speck of light appeared on the horizon. It moved erratically and had a strange shape. The woman realized that she was dealing with a living being – with an angel. Peace overtook Katrina.

Everything changed very soon: it seemed as if someone had thrown a blanket of fear. The woman suddenly became uncomfortable and cold. Then sharp needles and knitting needles were thrust into the body, and so on several times. Lightning also struck: the pain from them was a thousand times stronger than that experienced by Katrina during her lifetime. The heroine of the story began to shout and beg to be brought back to life, but only demonic laughter was heard in response.

It is not known how, but the woman was able to return to the body. For several hours it was as hard as a stone and did not move. Despite severe weakness, Katrina was able to get behind the wheel of the car and drive home.

The woman believes that Jesus heard her screams and helped her get out. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Katrina has completely rethought her life. She realized that it is not money that makes a person happy, but relationships. You need to value loved ones, and also believe in God. Katrina is ashamed that she once literally hated the Lord. Now the woman reads the Bible more and gives alms to the needy.