A woman with a bicycle stood at a jewelry store for 2 hours to protect her from marauding

11 months ago

A cyclist stood outside a jewelry store in California and alone stopped the burglars from raiding the store.

According to ABC 7, a woman named Olivia stood in front of the Bubar’s Jewelers in Santa Monica for two hours on Sunday, May 31, helping to keep lawbreakers from a store that already has windows broken. “The officers weren’t even able to stop them,” the woman said, telling how she was filming Olivia standing near the store. “But she alone prevented them from entering this jewelry store.” Brave Woman Thank you so much for your act of heroism. ”

Bill Bubar, the owner of a 75-year-old business, told ABC 7 that an organized crowd was trying to get inside. “In essence, it was an uncontrollable crowd,” Bubar said. – They rode in the middle of the street. They jumped out of the car. ” As a result, no one was able to break through the gate. After that, according to Bubar, no other marauders tried to break through – thanks to the stranger.

“After they left, a young woman who I didn’t know came in, parked my bike in front of the door and stayed there for two hours,” says Bubar. – While all this excitement [continued], she stood here, and literally I think they left it alone because she stood in front of the door. She really was a hero. ”

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