A woman’s death leads to a $25 million lawsuit

A woman's death leads to a $25 million lawsuit

The death of a Virginia resident has led to a $25 million lawsuit against Hopewell police.

The family of 31-year-old Angel DeCarlo, who was shot and killed by Hopewell Police Department officers in 2018, is now suing the department for $25 million. At the time, police named her as a robbery suspect – she was killed after pointing a gun at police officers.

In a lawsuit filed Friday, DeCarlo’s family disputes that, saying she had the wallet, not the gun. The family also claims the officer did not try to help as she was bleeding, even pushing DeCarlo with his foot.

At the time, the Hopewell police chief called the incident a tragedy. The officer responsible for DeCarlo’s death was placed on leave, and the Virginia State Police began an investigation. As it is still ongoing, the police officer remains suspended.

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