Abe does not intend to mediate between Iran and the United States

Japan intends to play the greatest possible role in reducing tensions in the Middle East region, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe does not plan to mediate between Iran and the United States. This comment was made at a press conference on Thursday by Japanese government secretary general Yoshihide Suga regarding Abe’s visit to Tehran.
“It is necessary to reduce tensions in the Middle East region in order to prevent accidental armed clashes. Japan intends to play as much a role as possible in reducing tensions,” Suga said.
At the same time, the Secretary General of the Japanese government stressed that Shinzo Abe, who is to hold meetings with Iranian leader Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hasan Rowhani during his visit to Tehran, “does not intend to be an intermediary between Iran and the United States.
Sources in the Iranian government said that Tehran did not intend to enter into direct dialogue with Washington in the near future. At the same time, according to the agency, at the talks between Abe and Rowhani, the Iranian side asked the Prime Minister of Japan to personally pass the request to U.S. President Donald Trump to lift the sanctions prohibiting the purchase of Iranian oil.