“Absolutely healthy” guy suffered a stroke a week before his 21st birthday because of a congenital anomaly

10 months ago

According to relatives, Samuel O’Sullivan from Melbourne (Australia) always “was in great shape”, led a healthy lifestyle and felt great – but suffered a stroke 7 days before his 21st birthday, due to which he is now chained to hospital bed

On May 26, Samuel, having finished pushing up, suddenly felt an unbearable headache. His parents immediately called an ambulance and the guy was taken to the hospital, where it turned out that Samuel had an anomaly in the development of blood vessels called arteriovenous malformation (AVM), from which he suffered from birth. Malformation led to a stroke, causing O’Sullivan to fight desperately for life.

Sam’s father, Brandon, started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe after he found out that his son’s condition was so bad that treatment would cost more than A $ 100,000 ($ 68.447 million). The funds raised will go to pay for the therapy, the medical equipment necessary for Samuel, and the repair work required to adapt the family home to the new needs of the young man.

Sam is still in the hospital, but has already been transferred from the intensive care unit and is now in a stable condition. “He is making great efforts to get back on his feet, and understands everything that we tell him. “Brandon writes.“ His next goal will be to remove the tracheostomy tube. ” “We are endlessly grateful for your support. You can’t even imagine how much this means for Sam on his path to recovery. ”

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