Accident: a woman fell and drowned in a giant tub with sunflower seeds

A 56-year-old North Dakota resident suffocated in a giant tub with sunflower seeds after she lost her balance and fell into a granary.

According to Jamestown Sun, an unknown woman from Montpelier died on Wednesday, June 10, in a terrible accident at Glingz Farm in Pingri, where she helped two loaders to unload seeds.

The woman had a belt for insurance, but at the time of the accident she was not attached. As a result, she plunged into a massive container and could not get out.

Other workers carved holes in the granary in a desperate attempt to free the woman. Firefighters and other rescuers drilled more holes to try to get to her.

In the end, she was nevertheless taken out and made artificial respiration, but the woman could not be saved. She was pronounced dead at the scene.