According to Forbes magazine, the President of the United States makes money on his election campaign

10 months ago

We are talking about millions of dollars.

Various organizations associated with both Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and the Republican party from which he is nominated use the services of the current president’s business empire on an ongoing basis. It turns out that the donations that are collected for his campaign go almost directly into the pocket of the owner of the White House, writes the American magazine Forbes. According to the newspaper’s estimates, since the inauguration of the president, the income of the Trump Organization alone, which deals with hotels, golf clubs and real estate, has amounted to at least six million nine hundred thousand dollars.

Forbes provides several examples of such earnings. So, according to him, the National Committee of the Republican Party pays hundreds of thousands of dollars for renting premises in the Trump tower in New York, and the presidential campaign headquarters transferred money to his own organizations for legal advice, booking air tickets and many other services. The publication emphasizes that this is happening not only in New York, but also in Florida, Las Vegas, New Jersey and other states.

Forbes first wrote about such Trump’s income at the end of 2018. Then his representatives argued that such transactions were carried out within the framework of the law.

Also, Forbes notes that Donald Trump himself did not spend anything on his election campaign.

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