Actions of disobedience against Pashinyan have started all over Armenia

Actions of disobedience against Pashinyan have started all over Armenia

Protests resumed in Armenia demanding the resignation of the Prime Minister amid the decision to transfer a number of territories to Azerbaijan after the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, which lasted from September 27 to November 9.

Thirty-four participants of these rallies were brought to Armenian police stations, the press service of the republic’s police informed Interfax.

In Yerevan, the demonstrators blocked the streets and traffic in the center of the Armenian capital was paralyzed. According to an Interfax correspondent, the police are detaining the protesters in an attempt to restore traffic. The work of one of the stations of Yerevan subway is blocked by demonstrators, which do not allow to continue the movement of trains.

In Ararat and Shirak regions of the country, the demonstrators have paralyzed the work of regional administrations, preventing employees from entering the buildings, Armenian media reported.

Opposition parties demand the resignation of the Armenian prime minister after he, together with Russia and Azerbaijan, adopted a statement on ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh in November and transfer of a number of territories in the region to Azerbaijan. Pashinyan’s opponents have announced the beginning of civil disobedience actions.

“We gave Pashinyan time to resign before 12:00 on December 8, which, however, did not happen. From that moment until 17:00 Armenian citizens have the right to retire to the civil disobedience actions. I urge everyone to act within the law,” Ishkhan Sagatelian of the Dashnaktsutyun opposition party said live on his Facebook page.

He urged police officers not to follow Pashinyan’s “illegal orders.

At the rally on 5 December, the opposition demanded Pashinyan to resign before noon on 8 December. Otherwise, the opposition promised to start civil disobedience actions all over Armenia.