Activists smashed the office of the Attorney General of Mexico

In the Mexican capital, mass riots: thousands of women who participated in the anti-femicide movement broke through to the complex of the Prosecutor General’s Office. The activists smashed windows in the prosecutor’s office, smashed a domestic violence center, and burned documents found there

Participants in women’s demonstrations in Mexico are increasingly resorting to violence. They claim it is a reaction to the actions of the authorities. For example, early in the week, police dispersed a women’s demonstration in Cancun, firing into the air. Her participants demanded an investigation into the brutal murder of the girl.

The governor said that the law enforcement guards had violated a direct order not to use force and placed the head of the local police in charge, dismissing him. However, the activists claim that this is not the first time that a violent crackdown on women’s rallies has taken place, and the authorities are not going to take the demands seriously, although 10 Mexicans are killed every day.