Actor Nick Cordero, who lost his leg due to coronavirus, died of complications

Broadway star Nick Cordero fought for life for almost 3 months after being infected with coronavirus, but the disease prevailed. The performer died of complications of infection, he was 41 years old.

The actor was taken to the Sedar-Sinai clinic in serious condition on March 30, he spent 90 days in the intensive care unit. He had several micro strokes, due to blood clots, inflammation started, which turned into sepsis. To save Cordero’s life, doctors were forced to amputate his right leg, he also had a pacemaker and a tracheotomy. The actor was unconscious for a long time, he was connected to a ventilator. He came to his senses briefly, but then he became worse again. Doctors were considering a double lung transplant, but his condition was already too weak.

The actor played in many famous musicals, was nominated for the Tony Award. Friends of Cordero and, in general, representatives of the entertainment industry expressed their condolences to the family and urged everyone to support measures to counter the virus, as the example of the actor shows that young and healthy people can die.