Actors from “Lord of the Rings” collect $6 million to buy Tolkien’s house

Actors from "Lord of the Rings" collect $6 million to buy Tolkien's house

A crowdfunding campaign was launched in Great Britain to save the house of British writer John Ronald Ruel Tolkin in Oxford.

In the house on Northmouth Road, 20 Tolkin wrote “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit. The initiative is aimed at buying the house, repairing it and organizing a literary center in it.

“The old house, which is an hour’s drive from London, has not changed much since it was built in 1924. It has six large bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom on the first floor and a spacious garden. Tolkien’s family moved into the house in 1930 and lived there for 17 years,” the report says.

Actors plan to raise $6 million. Part of the money will go to the development of literary programs. It is planned that the company will be self-sustaining.

Martin Freeman (played Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”), Ian McKellen (played by Gandalf), John Rees-Davis (Gimli) joined the fund-raising, Project Northmoor reported on Twitter on December 3.

The actors recorded a video in which they offer Tolkien’s admirers to help the project. The video was published on YouTube on December 2 in Project Northmoor channel.

John Ronald Rouel Tolkin published the Lord of the Rings trilogy in 1954. The novel is considered the first work in the genre of epic fantasy and one of the most famous and popular books of the XX century.