Affirmation: Brother charged in Migrant shooting case says they were hunting match-up

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – One of two men who are accused of shooting a migrant fatally and injuring a second Tuesday night in the vicinity of Sierra Blanca told a Texas ranger that he and his brother were out hunting that night game, as per court papers obtained through Border Report and KTSM.

Mark Sheppard, 60, said he believed there was a javelina spotted in the forest. His sister Mike stopped their vehicle and walked on the road with his shotgun placed his hands on the hood and fired two shots. The two men did not stop to check whether Mike struck anything, and then proceeded to attend a water-board meeting in town.

According to the arrest papers in which they are charged both brothers in the case of murder Mark Sheppard says he did not know that two migrant were killed in the same spot until when he heard about the incident via the radio afterward. He claimed he did not inform authorities that the two brothers had been at the spot in which the man was shot.

However, the affidavits released on Friday reveal Mark Sheppard “changed his story” at least three times According to the Ranger Juan Torrez.

Sheppard initially said that they were searching for ducks, later birds and then javelinas. He initially denied being at the spot that was being investigated, but later admitted to that he had driven to an area known by the name of Fivemile Tank. After he saw an “black butt” and told his brother that he had gotten out using a shotgun and fired at the ranger, he said that he wanted to know Mike Sheppard “did you get him?” Then was amended his statement to “Did you get it?”

The affidavits don’t specifically refer to witnesses who witnessed the shooting, but it states that people in the group were shot with paint and tell a different version about the shooting. These migrants informed federal investigators that they were interviewing their group members that they had stopped for a drink of water from the reservoir near Fivemile Tank.

The migrants claimed they covered themselves to keep from being noticed by the vehicle drove through. A man then was shouting at the group with a scream in Spanish, “Come out you sons of bitches, little asses!” The truck’s engine roared, as two rounds were fired according to the document.

Sierra Blanca is about 15 miles to the north of the U.S.-Mexico border. A significant portion of that area is controlled by U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Customs and Border Protection security cameras that have infrared sensors.

The camera storage database enabled authorities to view photographs of the car. A vehicle that matched these features was later found in Wilson Street in Sierra Blanca According to the document.

Investigators spoke to the owner of the truck, Mike Sheppard, who said he’s the sole driver of the truck, as per the documents. He refused to talk more with investigators and then went away – until officers were able to arrest him later.

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