Afghan resistance leader agrees to talks with Taliban

The leader of the Afghan National Resistance Front, Ahmad Masood, stated that he was ready to begin negotiations with the Taliban for a cease-fire and a political settlement. He called the end of the Taliban offensive in Panjsher and Andarab a condition for this.

The truce was initiated by a group of respected theologians. “What right do you have to kill your Muslim brothers. If this does not end, the country will descend into the abyss of ethnic and territorial conflict,” said Aboud-Qadr Qanet, a religious scholar.

General Michael Milley, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, also spoke out against the military action. He warned that it could lead to a large-scale civil war in Afghanistan, which would entail the strengthening of radical terrorist groups.

We should add that there are conflicting reports from the scene of fighting. The Taliban are reporting the capture of the Panjsher Valley capital, while their opponents deny this information. Masoud’s supporters claim hundreds of fighters have been captured and thousands encircled. There is no confirmation of this information either.