10 months ago

African-American protester rescues a white stranger during a riot by driving him out of the crowd

10 months ago

In a photo taken during the Black Lives Matter protest in London, a dark-skinned demonstrator carries a white stranger out of the crowd, presumably holding far-right views. The hero of the picture explains his actions simply: he “did not want anyone to die.”

Witnessing a skirmish near Waterloo Station and seeing a man fall to the ground, Patrick Hutchinson and four other protesters did not waste time. They surrounded the stranger to prevent the crowd from trampling him – and then Hutchinson threw the unknown over his shoulder and carried him to a safe place, while his companions continued to drive away the demonstrators.

“It would have ended very badly if we had not intervened,” Patrick said in a BBC interview. “I could only think of one thing: you need to take it to a safe place.” “We did what we should. We did not let a man be killed. ” Hutchinson, a personal trainer in Wimbledon, said he did not want to follow the sad example of three Minneapolis police officers who did not stop Derek Chauvin when he used excessive force to detain George Floyd. Patrick is sure that if Shovin’s colleagues didn’t stand aside, everything would have turned out quite differently.

“This is not a confrontation between blacks and whites. This is a confrontation with racism. He says. I only want equality. Now the system is unfair, and I hope that everything will be different for my children and grandchildren. ”

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