After “death” in “Game of Thrones” Jason Momoa had nothing to feed his family with

Hollywood actor Jason Momoa has admitted that he and his wife Lisa Bonet were ” starving” after his character was killed off at the end of the first season of Game of thrones.

In a new interview for InStyle, the actor revealed that he was “completely in debt” after being killed off in the popular HBO series. Momoa described his career as a “roller coaster”, and it was during this period that he experienced great problems. After completing the role of Khal Drogo in 2011, his financial situation was in decline – the famous couple struggled to pay the bills at their home in the Topanga Canyon area, where they lived with their two children.

“We were really starving after Game of thrones. I couldn’t find a job. It’s very difficult when you have children – and you are completely in debt, ” Momoa said. Fortunately, he auditioned for the” justice League ” role of Aquaman, and the financial problems were resolved.