After giving up coffee, “hangover syndrome” begins – doctor

After giving up coffee, "hangover syndrome" begins - doctor

If a person abruptly gives up regular coffee consumption, they may experience withdrawal syndrome.

A German toxicologist has revealed the length of time a person can go through caffeine withdrawal, reports Focus Online.

According to Florian Eyer, head doctor in Munich’s Department of Clinical Toxicology and Emergency Poisoning Care, if a person abruptly quits drinking coffee regularly, they may experience withdrawal syndrome, which they will feel physically.

So, if an ‘active user’ stops using caffeine during the day, they will experience the first symptoms of withdrawal – they start to show after about eight to twelve hours.’

The duration of withdrawal symptoms varies from two to nine days, Ayer said.

The condition can manifest as symptoms such as nervousness, restlessness, irritability and headaches. Some people may also feel a slight numbness, and in some cases insomnia develops.