After the riots in the United States, it became clear why ordinary Americans ordered 700,000 armored vehicles from Elon Mask

However, despite such brutality, even this healthy girl has serious drawbacks. For example, its door is easily stitched with a pistol bullet, and the glass can be broken with a baseball bat or even with your hand.

  • Author, are you out of your mind? – You ask, – It’s just a car for ordinary people! What bullets? What are the bits? Are you going to go to war on it?
    Yes, you ask me this and I even agree with you. The fact that a personal car should be armored and protected from attacks is some strange idea for our life.

For our. But not for life in the USA. The riots that occur in them have shown the whole world how many psychopaths live there. And half of them walk with weapons.

All these hundreds and thousands of videos about looting, armed attacks, robberies, and simply provocations – they could not be shot in a society that is harmonious, balanced and calm.

For example, I can’t imagine the number of violent videos shot in Japan or Iceland. But in the United States, as soon as something went wrong there, violence, vandalism and looting swept the streets. It only says that tension in America was present and accumulated for a long time. The current protests simply bared her.

That is why it is only now becoming clear why in 2019 Ilon Mask introduced his new electric cyber-truck pickup, in which, among all the other goodies, such a chip as armored protection was announced.

It is alleged that this car can withstand even splinters from small shells (which I personally do not believe in, but positioning is just that).

Then I thought to myself – what about the armor? This is a heavier design, which means extra battery consumption and reduced travel distance. But it’s precisely for the range that electric car manufacturers are fighting. And what, to reduce the range purely “because of show-offs”?

But, as it turned out, an armored car for Americans is not a show off, but a vital necessity. In many ways, they feel vulnerable in their own cities. They need a personal fortress to move normally along the streets and Musk, like a brilliant marketer, caught this subconscious desire.

In total, almost 150,000 armored cars were ordered in the first days after the presentation, and at the moment there are already orders under 700,000. At the same time, the car has not even begun to be produced from factories … It is believed that by the time the conveyors are launched, Mask will have 1,000,000 orders for armored pickup trucks CyberTrak.

Armored cars literally fill the city. And, something tells me that after that the protests in the USA can sparkle with completely different colors.