Against the backdrop of protests in the United States, police are massively resigning

11 months ago

US police officers are massively dismissed due to ongoing protests in the country. U.S. police are firing amid protests over the May 25 death of African-American George Floyd.

“Since protests are raging in parts of the country, certain police departments in the United States are facing their own crisis, and some officers decide to leave the service,” the report said.

According to the City Hall of Minneapolis, that at least seven police officers resigned in the city, statements from five more officers are pending.

Eight more police officers resigned in Atlanta, Georgia, due to an incident in which a 27-year-old African American Reichard Brooks was shot dead on June 12.

Ten SWAT special forces resigned in Gallandale Beach, Florida, explaining this by explaining concern for their safety.

In Buffalo, NY, some 57 police officers wrote to leave the police department’s emergency response team. The reason for this was dissatisfaction with the suspension of two police officers who pushed an elderly protester. According to police officers, their colleagues “simply complied.”

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