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AirPods exploded in a man’s ear

AirPods exploded in a man’s ear

Earphones AirPods exploded in the ear of a resident of China during a conversation. This was reported by GizmoChina, citing Weibo.

The incident occurred on May 19. The report said that the victim of the accident was a 23-year-old resident of Wanda Zheng Tang (Zheng Tang). During the explosion of the headset, the young man was talking on the phone, as a result of the incident he received minor injuries to his right ear.

Tang was hospitalized in one of the local clinics, where he was diagnosed with an injury to the skin of the front wall of the right ear canal. The headset owner’s condition improved after a two-day course of treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, but Tan still complains of pain and is hard of hearing. As a result of a second study, doctors discovered an accumulation of blood in the tympanic cavity.

According to a report from Weibo, the man purchased AirPods at one of Apple’s partner stores. The American company received a defective pair of headphones to figure out the causes of the incident. Zheng Tang was paid compensation in accordance with local law.

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