Albania held its 10th parliamentary election since the fall of the Communist regime

3 weeks ago

Foreign observers and embassies monitored the voting.

Albania held parliamentary elections on Sunday, preceded by a fierce campaign by the two main political parties amid a coronavirus pandemic.

More than 1,800 candidates competed for 140 parliamentary seats. They represented 12 political parties and electoral coalitions or stood as independent candidates.

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s Socialist Party is seeking a third term, while the opposition Democratic Party of Lulzim Basha wants to return to power.

Observers from OSCE, the Council of Europe and many embassies in Albania closely monitored the vote.

“We hope that every citizen of Albania will go and vote, without fear or interference,” U.S. Ambassador Yuri Kim said at a polling station in Shkoder in the north of the country. – This is your day.”

Albanian President Ilir Meta, who voted shortly after the polls opened, urged his compatriots to participate in the elections not only to exercise their constitutional right, but also as a patriotic act.

“The whole world is watching Albania,” he said. – Only progress in this process will mean that the EU will open the way for Albania’s accession.”

The results of the vote are not expected until Tuesday.