Alexis Sharkey was found dead by the side of the road

Alexis Sharkey was found dead by the side of the road

Police reported that Alexis Sharkey’s body was found Saturday morning with no visible injuries.

The remains of a woman found by the side of the road in Houston were identified as the 26-year-old blogger and Instagram-Influensera Alexis Sharkey on Monday, November 30. Sharkey had 25,000 subscribers to Instagram and also worked with Monat: a hair and skin care company.

Police said Sharkey had no visible wounds on her body and that the cause of death would be known after an autopsy by the Harris County Forensic Institute.

However, her mother, Stacy Clark Robino, believes it was murder,” ABC13 writes. “I really believe that she was murdered. – she says. – Everything points to it, including my maternal instinct. I’ve learned to trust my intuition since I was young and she hasn’t let me down.

Robino told ABC13 that her daughter disappeared on Friday. She learned of the disappearance the next day after the deceased’s husband, Tom Sharkey, called and said he couldn’t get in touch with her.

Sharky was found dead by a city worker: the legs of a naked woman were sticking out of the bushes on the side of the road. According to Click2Houston, Sharkey was with friends before she disappeared – at 18:00. Presumably, there was a quarrel in the company, after which Alexis hastily left.