Alien object in the solar system – a fragment of a planet like Pluto

1 month ago

The mysterious space object in our solar system, Oumuamua, continues to spark debate about its nature. Some prominent scientists even consider it an “alien probe,” but a new theory suggests it may be a shard of a Pluto-like planet.

The theory is that 500 million years ago a piece broke off from an icy, nitrogen-covered planet that flew outside its own star system into our own. The mysterious object is probably the remnant of a pluton-like world and is shaped like a cookie.

The first known interstellar visitor to the solar system is neither a comet nor an asteroid, as originally thought, and does not look like a cigar at all. A new study proves that the mysterious object is probably the remnant of a small nitrogen-bearing planet, say astrophysicists from Arizona State University.

They say the 45-meter-long “guest” appears to be composed of frozen nitrogen, much like the surface of Pluto and Neptune’s largest satellite, Triton. It is named Oumuamua, Hawaiian for “scout,” after an observatory in Hawaii that discovered it in 2017.

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