10 months ago

All bones are broken: in the USA there was a terrible tragedy with a trucker

10 months ago

A terrible tragedy occurred in the USA, the Ukrainian Ruslan Gonchar, who worked as a trucker, in March, during loading, due to a broken cable, he fell over with 10-ton marble slabs, the guy miraculously survived.

“My cousin, Ruslan Gonchar, studied in America and worked as a truck driver at the same time. On the day of his 23rd birthday, March 18, 2020, a cable burst when loading and it fell down with marble slabs weighing 10 tons. Almost all body bones were broken by a miracle the internal organs and head remained intact. However, the legs do not move. Doctors are planning a nerve transplant to restore the functions of the lower extremities. His father died when Ruslan was only 7 years old … Mom, a nurse, brings up another son herself, lives in the village of Kuzmina Greblya in Cherkasy. In connection with the pandemic, he cannot fly to his son, “said the cousin of the guy Anatoly Boguslavsky.

He noted that Ruslan was in the hospital all alone, since this happened when he was at work on a flight in another state, far from the house where at least the guy has friends.

“Ruslan is a very kind person. He has friends in the United States, also Ukrainians who have long moved. He lived in California, and this happened to him far from home when he was on a flight. Therefore, he was hospitalized in another state, and then he was transferred by helicopter to another hospital in Nebraska, because he was in very poor condition, but the hospital was 1000 kilometers from the house where friends live. Therefore, he is now in the hospital all alone, “the cousin explained.

On June 17, the famous video blogger Dima Malash, who also works as a trucker in the United States, recorded a video message to raise funds for Ruslan for rehabilitation. In the video at the end there are shots with Ruslan, who is in the hospital.

“During the accident, the rescuers thought he was already dead, but when they pulled him out from under the blockage of plates, they discovered that he was still alive. On the way to the hospital, there was a cardiac arrest twice, 9 ribs were broken, no stops moving, open fractures two hips, the right thigh, into several pieces, internal bleeding of the abdominal cavity, tailbone fracture, fracture of the fibula (lower leg), nose, incisions, two plastic surgeries were performed on the face, ”the blogger says in a video message.

Ruslan’s mother, Zhanna Gonchar, said that she spoke with a doctor who treats her son in the United States and with the police department and the sheriff, where the tragedy occurred. According to the woman, the company that Ruslan worked for will not be liable for the incident and will not help in any way financially with the treatment, which requires at least 300 thousand dollars.

She noted that in the USA, the pastor of the church is engaged in the treatment of her son, who collects money for treatment, and the doctors assured the woman that they will do everything possible to save Ruslan.

The woman also appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for help, but they replied that they could help with a flight to the USA, but unfortunately they did not.

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