Amanda Holden pays her respects to Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor on the day prior to her funeral.

Amanda Holden joined those paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in Windsor on the day prior to her funeral.

The monarch who passed away at Balmoral aged at 96 on September 8, is laid to rest during her state funeral. There are dignitaries, world leaders and family members, Royal Family and celebrities in presence on the steps of Westminster Abbey.

This Saturday (September 18, 18), Amanda and her family members walked out of Windsor Castle to join mourners offering their condolences for the queen.

In an assortment of images posted on her Instagram Stories the host of Britain’s Got Talent host was seen dropping flowers.

The star, 51, also shared an image of her with her family while walking through the city.

Amanda was paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth on her social media accounts at the time announcement of her death was announced, praising her ‘unbreakable spirit’ and admitting that she’s struggling to imagine the reality of life without her’.

She wrote: “I believe we all believed our Queen would last forever…

Her charm, good humor and unstoppable spirit.. She was the embodiment of all that makes Great Britain , Great . I can’t even imagine our nation without her .. My thoughts are with her family. God save the Queen (sic)’

Last week, the Heart radio host was at Westminster Hall in a professional capacity to meet the people who were waiting to view the Queen’s coffin when she lay in her state.

She wrote: “My pleasure to speak to a portion people queuing to get in and to Westminster Hall this morning. The atmosphere and camaraderie were remarkable .. friendships built forever in shared loss.’

In a clip posted via the Instagram profile, she greeted those at the bottom of the line and then reflected on the “celebratory” element.

She stated: ‘I’m starting to witness lots of people with emotional issues who are stepping out. The mood is pretty bleak and the bright side of it is that there’s been so many new friendships made within that line.’

In the morning following the Queen’s death Amanda was also visited in Buckingham Palace as crowds of people honored and mourned the Queen at her well-known London residence.

The 51-year old star was elegant in a royal blue dress when she made her way out following her appearance on her show on the Heart Radio Breakfast show, that is broadcast from their studio near Buckingham Palace.

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