Amazon and Facebook employees warned of security threats

Amazon and Facebook employees warned of security threats

Companies have warned their employees that they could be in danger because of Trump’s lockdown.

Amazon and Facebook have warned staff about threats to their security over fears of a backlash against “big tech,” the BBC writes.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) employees were told to “be vigilant” after the firm removed Parler from its web-hosting service.

The app is popular with some supporters of President Donald Trump.

Facebook employees were also ordered not to wear the brand’s clothing in public after it blocked the U.S. president’s account.
The companies cited the deadly siege of the U.S. Congress and public unrest as causes for concern.

“In light of recent events and to exercise caution, global security encourages everyone to refrain from wearing Facebook-branded items at this time,” ,” Facebook said in an internal memo obtained by The Information.

According to an email reviewed by Business Insider , AWS Vice President Chris Vonderhaar urged his team to “be safe, be vigilant” and report any unusual activity related to the company’s data centers.

The letter said that Amazon “continues to closely monitor civil unrest in the United States.”

“We should all [be] vigilant during this time to ensure the safety of each other and our facilities,” the email says. “If you see something, say something – no situation or problem is too small or insignificant.”
The email also asked employees to quickly escalate life-threatening or dangerous situations and other serious incidents.

It also included instructions on how to respond to members of the press, Business Insider reported.

The company also told its engineers that it was making Monday and Tuesday a “blocked day” in the U.S., meaning that employees could not make any major updates or changes to existing services without the approval of senior management.

This indicates a growing concern about a potential cyberattack or instability of their services