Amazon announces US police annual moratorium on face recognition technology

11 months ago

Just the day before yesterday, IBM announced that it was stopping all developments in the field of face recognition, since it considered such technologies a threat to Americans. In our news on this occasion, a logical assumption was put forward that IBM is only the first sign and soon there will be an increase in those who wish to distance themselves from face recognition technologies and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. And now it’s become known that Amazon has banned US police departments from using the Amazon Rekognition cloud platform, which provides access to face recognition along with other features.

Amazon, an American Internet giant, says that organizations involved in tracing children, saving victims of traffickers, and reuniting missing people with their families will be able to continue to use the technology.

According to BBC News, Amazon has banned amid human rights defenders’ fears that face recognition technologies may be biased against blacks.

Amazon also emphasizes that it has always advocated stricter regulation of this kind of technology. The company is convinced that the one-year ban will give the US Congress enough time to develop and introduce more stringent rules governing the use of face recognition technology. Right now, the United States is discussing a bill on a massive police reform, The Justice in Policing Act 2020.

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