Amazon Introduces New Payment Method – By Hand

Amazon has introduced its own palm-recognition technology known as Amazon One. It will allow people to pay with just their hands.

Instead of using your credit card or smartphone to pay for goods, Amazon wants you to use your hands. The technology, pioneered in Amazon’s home market in Seattle, will use people’s palms to identify them. Essentially, an electronic palm print will allow you to pay for purchases within the network.

“For most retailers, Amazon One can provide an alternative payment option or loyalty card with a device at the checkout next to a traditional point of sale system,” said Dilip Kumar, vice president of Amazon Physical Retail.

In addition to the trial at the company’s Go stores in Seattle, Amazon One will be rolling out elsewhere in the chain in the coming years. To use Amazon One, people don’t need an Amazon account – just a phone number and credit card. For those concerned about privacy, users can delete their biometrics if they decide they no longer want to use it.