Amazon robots started mapping sidewalks in the United States

GeekWire journalists have noticed the robot Amazon, which mapped the sidewalks in Washington state. The authors believe that Google may have a competitor in this market.

Tim Ellis, the author of the GeekWire publication, noticed that the device is made specifically for the creation of maps – it does not look like a delivery robot, which the U.S. citizens are already used to seeing on the streets. The robot looked more like a miniature version of Google Street View cars and did not work autonomously. It was controlled by an operator with a controller, a wireless device.

When asked what the operators were doing, they noted that “logistics and mapping”, but did not specify for which company they were doing it. However, the journalist noticed the serial number of on one of the vans – they were the owners of the device, which the researcher noticed.

However, the search on the Internet for this device did not lead to anything – Ellis notes that the company did not publicly represent the robot.