Amber Heard again accused Johnny Depp of cruelty: “I was afraid that I would die in our marriage”

The third week of defamation hearings has begun, a lawsuit that actor Johnny Depp has brought against a group of British tabloids, including The Sun. Depp is most outraged by the information stated in these articles that he is an abuser who used violence against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The latter is a witness in this case. Last week, the testimony of Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, who vouched for Johnny Depp, was already read in court, and he himself accused Amber of commercialism, insensitivity and cruelty. Now it was the turn of the actress to voice her accusations: the press had 39 pages of her testimony at its disposal.

According to Hurd’s reports, during conflicts with Depp, she seriously feared for her life – she especially remembered one episode during which the actor shouted “I will kill you and then abuse your corpse.” She also stated that the actor had repeatedly threatened to kill her, and in all his manifestations of aggression then blamed the third “participant in the events” – the so-called “monster” who controlled his thoughts in moments of anger. Amber also stated that the actor threatened her to force other men to abuse her, that he repeatedly tried to kill her, threw things at her and once threw a phone at her with all his might. Another quote that the actress attributes to Depp is:

I will cut your face so that no one will ever want you … I know people who can break a leg for next to nothing.

Hurd claims that her ex-husband also accused her of numerous infidelities with almost all partners on the site: Eddie Redmayne, James Franco, Liam Hemsworth, Channing Tatut. And once he was accused in connection with a woman, actress Kelly Garner (Amber Heard is bisexual – Ed.). Even Leonardo DiCaprio, who simply took part in some of the tests with Amber, was included in the list of suspects. Johnny also constantly called her a “whore” and humiliated her if she wore some kind of seductive outfits to please him. The main result of these testimonies is as follows: according to Amber, the ex-husband stated that “the only option for you to end this relationship is to die.”

Recall that in 2016, after the divorce, Amber accused Johnny of domestic violence (he allegedly beat her repeatedly) and demanded to issue a temporary restraining order prohibiting Depp from approaching her. The court satisfied the actress’s claim. The actor avoided meeting with Amber for a long time, after which he himself filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife. For libel, the actor demands $ 50 million from Amber Heard. More and more details of this case are emerging in the course of the hearings, which are now taking place in the Supreme Court of London. Also last week, Heard’s former assistant accused the actress of stealing her history of violence – according to the woman, Amber did it to look better in the public eye. The verdict to which the court will come on the basis of all these testimonies will become known at the end of the month.